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Goals & Vision with Johnny Ertl

“Goals and Vision” is a unique language education project from the Resonantia association, which focuses on introducing people to the language of sport and the culture behind it.

Goals & Vision with Johnny Ertl
Goals & Vision with Johnny Ertl

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About the event

Our goal is to help people gain a better understanding of the language in the field of international football based on advanced sports language knowledge and to expand their skills in the process.

Why: It's a common human tendency to expand our horizons to the limit and focus on what's closest to us. This can leave us feeling stuck in a limited world and missing out on valuable experiences and insights. The“Goals and Vision” Project offers a unique opportunity for participants to broaden their horizons by engaging with the terminology and culture of international football. In this way, they can not only deepen their knowledge of football, but also improve their ability to understand and communicate. This can help broaden their perspective and give them new insights into the world of sport and open them up to new experiences and opportunities.

Language development: Learning the language of sport can help improve the language skills of participants in general. By engaging with the complex terminology and jargon of sport, they can improve their ability to understand complex contexts and communicate accurately. This can also increase their self-confidence and ability to assert themselves in various social situations.

Cultural competence: Understanding the language and culture of sport can also help improve participants' intercultural competence. By understanding the technical language and cultural background, participants can develop a deeper understanding of the world of sport and their own cultural identity.

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